252 Assorted Real Paint Textures油漆纹理

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252 Assorted Real Paint Textures油漆纹理

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What’s inside? Every texture from Volumes 1 to 12 has been
included within this essential and diverse paint texture collection.

  • Vol.1 – http://crtv.mk/a0GCx (20 textures)
  • Vol.2 – http://crtv.mk/i0bpN (20 textures)
  • Vol.3 – http://crtv.mk/h0ckr (20 textures)
  • Vol.4 – http://crtv.mk/c0T5v (20 textures)
  • Vol.5, 6, 7 & 8 – http://crtv.mk/w5cH (80 textures)
  • Vol.9, 10, 11 & 12 – (Only in this bundle) (80 textures)
  • BonusTextures – (Only in this bundle) (12 textures)

Extra Info – The textures are available as black and white transparent PNG images. Simply apply your favorite color and let the depth and quality of these textures shine. They range in size (up to 9000+ px) and were all scanned at 1200DPI, then resized to 300DPI for easy digital use and to squeeze as much detail as possible into those delicious little pixels.

The Process – Ample amounts of paper, black acrylic paint, watercolor palettes, brushes, sponges, and a whole 7 days were spent creating, scanning and preparing a whole collection of beautifully detailed textures.

High-Quality Ensured – The technique that I use for removing the background (card or paper in this case) from my textures ensures that all the realistic details (paint gather, small highlights and shading etc) remain intact. This technique improves the overall quality and the flexibility of the textures. Allowing you to overlap my textures on any background, including other textures. Without any dodgy lines or other unwanted overlapping issues.


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